À travers le Tain

À travers le Tain
À travers le Tain


Each of us has had one moment or another, the experience of getting lost in the reflection of two mirrors facing each other. The mind is solicited in its perceptions and benchmarks. Then our thoughts wander. Imagine a universe of more than a thousand reflections blending together. Between reflections and snippets of reality, our mind goes nuts to indulge in the strangest perceptions. Is this impression called ‘crossing the mirror’? To access an imaginary and wonderful world.

During the discovery of “Through the one-way glass”, we experience several adventures that will constitute our own tale. During the day, the installation camouflages itself in the winter landscape. From afar, the reflections of the white coat of snow create a mysterious landscape. We perceive some forms, which appear and disappear according to our angle of approach. When we enter the universe of reflections, our presence disturbs the immaculate landscape. We see parts of each other, then disappear and reappear in different forms. As other explorers venture on, other surprises enliven our perception and fuel our imagination.



Our visual discovery is enhanced by sound experiences in four interactive spaces. We are invited to express ourselves. Reverberant echo sounds echoed and muffled are creating soundscapes in relation to the spatialization of mirrors. Four sound sensations are expressed in four distinct glare patterns. The daytime atmosphere is enigmatic, like a blank page filled with brief stories and then back to be a virgin and so on.

In the evening, the atmosphere is different. The mirrors reflect nocturnal appearances. Indeed, the ground becomes a light carpet in constant evolution. And over a hundred of some of the 800 double mirrors shelter urban fireflies that are revealed from time to time, thanks to one-way mirrors. These luminous appearances energize and enrich the perception of our multiple reflections. We are immersed in a wonderful sound and light world.

Our playful discoveries are amplified and take on a different meaning within two interactive spaces. These places are in direct relationship with the façades of the Wilder Building and the President-Kennedy Pavilion of UQAM. We are invited to play, to move with our reflection to shift, to cross the reflective envelope of the video projection. This game allows to access, to reveal the hypnotic atmosphere in perpetual evolution.

Through the one-way glass explores our main senses throughout our journey. Many fun, individual and / or collective moments are created. The sum of its events allows everyone to build his adventure. Everyone is the creator and the actor of his own tale.





Quartier des Spectacles






Gilles Sirois, Simone D’Ambrosio, Marouane Sahbi


CÉGA Multimédia